About Us


Pacific Medical Clinic is dedicated to serving all of your health care needs from Pre-employment screenings to Occupational injury care. As an employer we know that a healthy and productive workforce is your most valuable asset. With that in mind, our goal is to maintain the health of your employees by providing the highest quality of medical care and personalized client services available.

  • Quality of Care: Our board-certified physicians are dedicated to the practice of occupational medicine and will provide appropriate, necessary and compassionate medical care without over-utilizing medical services.
  • Personalized Client Services: Our staff takes pride in providing a personal touch to the needs of our patients and the employer. When one of your employees is seen for an occupationally-related injury or illness, you will be contacted promptly & directly with a medical prognosis and work status.
  • Accessibility of Care: We are Preferred Providers with most of the major Worker’s Compensation Insurance Carriers. We provide pre-employment screenings Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm, and 24 hour work-related injury care. Our staff is fully bilingual.
  • Cost Containment: Our fees are based on the reasonable & customary rate for medical services, as established by the California Worker’s Compensation Fee Schedule. This is your reassurance that you are getting the most value for your healthcare dollar.

Physician and Medical Director

Physician and Medical Director, Dr. Gary Linnemann, is an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Medicine at USC in the Primary Care Physician’s Assistant Program. He is also a Clinical Preceptor of Primary Care Medicine at USC, in the PA Program in the Department of Family Medicine.


Pacific Medical Clinic is a 24-hour, full-service, medical treatment facility specialized in occupationally-related health services.

  • Our staff’s focus is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of industrial illness and injury.
  • Our staff’s goal is to provide employers with a one-stop medical resource they can rely on.
  • Our staff is multilingual including English, Spanish and Vietnamese